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TN Senator Corker a Hero

 An email I received from Senator Corkers Office.


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Ms. Bovat,

Thank you for bringing by the information you provided me.  I have checked with our casework coordinator on this matter.  Because of the legal nature of this issue, our office is not able to get directly involved. However, I am forwarding the information your provided onto the Department of Justice and asking that they respond directly to you....


NISSAN’s has an IDB loan with the city of Franklin...the  “debt service” cost the city over 2 million a year....that’s like “credit card “interest” fees the city in incurring.  NOW the schools don’t have enough money to do necessary repairs.  Is “that” morally fair?

Worse NSSAN Has almost 4 Billion in IDB debt with Rutherford CountyGoing back to 1982 and they've ONLY made 1 payment and NISSAN's IDB debt in Tennessee is about 10 Times their GLOBAL profits

Shouldn’t NISSAN have gotten a “bank loan” and pay the interest “themselves” that is what’s supposed to happen in a free market economy.  The socialist government spending must end.

Read more by clicking on the picture of the letter that says "someone made a bad bet"

I want Eric Holder's office to explore the French Fried Fraud that has happened.
It's important for society.
  My blog was "supposed" to highlight issues at NISSAN North America.   Carlos Tavares a NISSAN board member whom I helped relocate to America as the 1st NISSAN board member to live in the USA. 

Mr. Tavares told me that the move to TN was destroying the company.  i told him TN is an OK state it's the "Good Ole Boys".  I started  my blog in June 2009 to show the problems created by the Good Ole Boy network. 

LOTS of deals have been done by people connected to Carlos Ghosn & over the years MANY former NISSAN employees have contacted me with their concerns.  I've blogged in the past that a viewer of my blog told me that the "Good Ole Boys" used Hurricane Katrina money & they took advantage of people that were minority status to get federal funds. 

"Just for fun you should look into the original land owners of the location of the Canton plant. Hmmm, couldn't be a company with Jim and Carlos as part of the team. There are so many lies and BS that went on before the move it was crazy. And it was all about Jim's ego and hatred of California life style. Then when the fiscal reporting came due, he resigned. Even he knew that appointing his son to VP of finance couldn't hid how badly he lied about the REAL cost of the move." from a viewer of my blog

Yesterday ANOTHER viewer told me of the Franklin "land purchase" & said to get that investigated.  Keep reading I see a "pattern"

$25,000 spent for a “port potty” with funds from ECD/Tennessee taxpayer (it was very nice) but ONLY for an event lasting a couple of hours.   The luxury bathrooms normally used for race car VIP event. (this will get the Tea Party angry...get this they want me to speak)

I've heard from a LOT of people and one man stands out. His first words to me:

"I have to tell you up front 'I'm a good ole boy' ...."  a viewer of my blog and former NISSAN executive

He was a NISSAN exec for a LONG time.  He knew I had suffered HARSH retaliation for whistle blowing & told me LOTS of information, I asked why he was telling me this and he said "he felt bad for me and for others he'd seen abused over the years"  One man killed himself after being bullied by the same people that have bullied me.  I've had Nissan Titan trucks circle my daughters home and follow us too closely with her in the car.  These people have TERRORIZED me. I'm a mom and want to live a LONG life.   The Franklin police ignore me when I file complaints.  It was ONLY after the 3rd death threat did they even give me a case #  OK Back to the point:   The man said he was old and lived in a different state and did not fear retaliation... ( I took notes and still trying to understand "what" he meant...the man had a LOT of info) I will give his name to the feds.

Here's some of what he told me:  I took notes in hopes that someday it would get investigated

Marvin Runyon and Lamar Alexander were part of “original” good ole boy network


 Rob from Corp. Services at NISSAN is known as being a bully and I can get people to testify to his “harsh” tactics.  Rob swore out my warrant a blog view said he was connected to “former CIA guy”  (these are people I mention on my blog that were connected to Iran Contra and Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn...All needs to be investigated)

Here's a text message to/from Tennessean editor Mark Silverman the Ben Bradlee award winner:  I NEVER wanted to blog about my past AFTER being jailed 3 times for a 1st time misdemeanor and having the Williamson County DA Kim Helper continues prosecuting it for OVER 18 months I'm scared & I know they're doing this because people at NISSAN knew I was a "credible" research worker who had done work with CIA operatives during Iran Contra era.  NISSAN CEO got his "jump start" duing that era and he worked for a French company Michelin was promoted in 1985 and 1990.  Read more at

Then the man gave me these names of  Steve Hammond, Cal Vickers, Neil Pasaon (?) Trisha Jones David Alexander and said that Mark Stout did a “favor” by testifying. (Maybe the future new and improved COJ needs to look into this ???)

Cumberland gated community.....  (this is BIZARRE...I'll save it for the feds)

Wherehouser hunting lodge…..???   deals made.  Lots in HR went to MTSU (same fraternity) and promotions went to bullies aligned with Greg Kelly. Procurement has "issues".... investigate. The man told me A LOT.... and so did MANY others.

Please ask Governor Haslam & TN Legislature for Transparency and respectful spending of taxpayer money. Tennessee did not become #1 in corruption without teamwork.

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