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Bovat's Legal Battle

People with "brains" know
NISSAN used the judicial system to attack me for "whistleblowing"   HOW DOES the RELOCATION CONSULTANT BECOME THE 2ND BIGGEST SECURITY RISK????

Last night a guy called me and said he's "no longer thinking of buying a
NISSAN. Many people have told me the judicial harassment is WHY they did not want to move to Tennessee?

NISSAN I'm TIRED of fighting you & the "Culture in Tennessee."

Being jailed 3 times & 19 months for a misdemeanor is RIDICULES.

NOW I have to pay a $50 fine.

How much money did the Tennessee courts pay to prosecute me?

Americans want RESPECT: The fact is I spoke up for women and minorities and I was "upset" wiht how
NISSAN was spending Tennessee and American taxdollars..

FYI- It's documented on court transcripts that the letter givin to me by Rob was ordered when Dominique Thormann was the SVP at
NISSAN North America and "he" was the one who asked Congress for OVER 1 billion dollars for an electric car that I was told would fail. I paid for a court reporter to document the case:

The report will say during my trial

I said women in management declined from 20.9% (2006) to 10% (2009)

I said SOLYNDRA looked at my blog 1142 times & even the day I was arrested.

I said HOW upset I'm about the DOE issue?

I said I was called into 4 meetings with HR (two of those with the VP)

I said that HR did not return my reference calls or provide training like the promised

I said Rob the man that testified for NISSAN said the company spends a LOT of time reading my blog. Why would NISSAN do that ?

Bottom line to have a Whistleblower suffer the harassment of being jailed 3 times for a class C misdemeanor was wrong. NISSAN should have told the police to escourt me to my car. Then they should have gotten a court order and then NONE of this would have ever happened.

Ya’ll have a great day!

Sharyn Bovat

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