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Whistleblower Jailed 3 Times After Blogging about NISSAN abusing
DOE Funds:
It’s Connected to SOLYNDRA:

The NISSAN Whistleblower is in Washington DC to Communicate Wasted DOE Spending: 

The whistleblower has a blog: It has had ALMOST 2 million hits & over 450,000 page views:  Including 1142 visits by SOLYNDRA.

I want people to know the truth. People need to know HOW I learned about the DOE fraud.
Even stuff I'm NOT comfortable with.

When a French VP at NISSAN wanted to help me with my career and took me to parties attended by high level executives from NISSAN and Renault I went:  Catherine Perez who "was" the highest ranked woman at NIssan North America and is one of the top women in the auto industry  was a "friend" to me (Sharyn Bovat) and told me a LOT: She was also going to help get me "the job I deserved" that was to be in charge of relocation:  After NISSAN moved to Tennessee a "Good Ole Boy" network had control of Human Resources and they were firing women.  I was told "to my face" by an HR VP "we know your the best, we'll implement some of your suggestion and even though Mr.Tavares (President of NISSAN North America)  wants you but 'we' don't trust you"  HR did not trust me because I had questioned "wasteful spending of taxpayer money" and questionable real estate contracts.  

Women declined from 20.9% to 10%.
Catherine told me she had a "one on one" meeting with NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn, she knew exactly what was "going on" .... after learning of DOE fraud I spoke up.   Since then my life has been miserable as a whistleblower.  The French and the Good Ole Boys have retaliated against me for speaking up for "The American Taxpayer"

"I have a JURY trial February 1st I have decided to tell 100% Everything"
HOW I Learned About DOE Fraud......Body Butter?

Prior to a NISSAN executive "swearing out" a warrant to arrest the whistle blower (without a court order) lots of  blackberries looked at Sharyn Bovat's blog.

One of the blackberries that viewed Bovat's blog "most likely" is that of Rahm Emanuel. Sharyn Bovat learned "that" in June 2011 from a Gannett executive...keep reading.  

  Yes!!!  The company Solyndra REALLY did read Sharyn's blog 1142 times
created by Site Analytics for on 08-30-11 This report identifies the postal code, city, region and country of visitors to the Web site.

Yes!!!  The company Solyndra REALLY did read Sharyn's blog 1142 times
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NISSAN was using technology from the 90's and it did NOT have the technology to build the car that they told congress they could.

The taxpayers have been taken for a "ride".
each leaf cost about 80k to produce and the car is 70-75% subsidized.  Click on Dumbo picture to read more:

Why has the mainstream media not reported this story?
The issue of DOE fraud "now" has a sex scandal. How cool is "that"... 

Click on the Ben Bradlee Award winners picture and get "linked" to the story.


Mark Silverman the Ben Bradlee award winning Gannett editor told Sharyn Bovat in June 2011 that  Rahm Emanual was ultimately responsible for the "mainstream media" squashing the story of a 3 time jailed whistleblower.  Sharyn can prove it.

We ALSO have Obama Bundlers as Villains
The Paul Weiss law firm the DOE paid over 1 million dollars to represent  the DOE & the taxpayers in reference to the NISSAN loan of 1.4 Billion funded by the Treasury bank.  The DOE hired a law firm  connected to Obama bundlers (fundraiser)...Why? 

That firm does business with Lazard (and another Obama bundler) they worked on the SOLYNDRA deal...coincidence ?

The law firm that the DOE hired let NISSAN use  a Rutherford County IDB bond for collateral for the DOE loan:
The whistleblower learned that "one" county in Tennessee holds almost 4 BILLION in bond debt for NISSAN ...  a foreign company.

"The auto manufacturer’s tax abatement agreement for 884 acres runs through 2022. A new contract will re-examine the ending date and acknowledge that the lease agreement will serve as collateral for a $1.6 billion loan from the U.S. Department of Energy,
" DNJ article

has been issued 3,950,000,000 in IDB bonds and they figured out "how" to use a taxpayer bond as collateral for the DOE loan. Doing some type of “lease” transaction It kept the debt of the books

In December 2011 NISSAN got approval from the IDB to get ANOTHER $35.700,000 Million. Why is a company whose parent (Renault) that does business with IRAN getting into so much bond debt. I've been told NISSAN can't pay it back. They think they'll get it "written off."

Mainstream Media PULLED Articles About NISSAN's IDB Debt

The whistleblower went to Washington DC to expose the issues of DOE fraud


January 9th 2011 Sharyn Bovat gave documents to Jeff Gray from the DOE IGO office:  Eric Holder's office would not let the whistleblower in the building.   Congress needs to INSIST on public hearings.

NISSAN is in 4 Billion in (various) IDB bond debt & 1.6 Billion in DOE debt their debt is about 11x’s last year’s profits.

Sharyn Bovat was told by NISSAN employees that NISSAN could NOT afford to pay IDB bond debt  back.  401k owners are mad about what's happening in society.

The debt was structured by the IDB as a “lease” to keep things “off the books”.

Is this fair? 

Did the DOE know about the bond debt?

NISSAN and others profited from the creation of the 18 IDB loans know this.  They are the ones harassing the whistleblower today.

A former
NISSAN employee told me to IMMEDIATELY ask the federal government for an audit. 

“cronyism is the problem. Too many lawyers, bankers, facilitators and others have profited from 18 separate bond issues.
NISSAN is acting like the feds & they’ve created a DEFICIT that is out of control”

NISSAN is has been trying to discredit the whistleblower by keeping a 1st time misdemeanor in the courts for over 18 months.  Sharyn Bovat has been harassed by the "system".  Those associated with hurting the taxpayers by DOE loans and grants want her discredited.  

FACT Check:

discriminated... internal statistics show women in management were 20.9% in 2006 and 10% in 2009 the year Sharyn Bovat whistle blew.

NISSANreally did” take 1.4 billion DOE dollars for car that they knew would fail. A NISSAN executives communicated to the whistleblower that NISSAN could not pay all their debt.

NISSAN has almost 4 billion in Rutherford County IDB bond debt: insiders at the company know their working for a figurative “Greece”.  Bovat testified at the Tennessee state capital COJ hearing that NISSAN employees told her of problems because they did not like seeing their company commit fraud against America. They know the operating margins.  The DOE loan & IDB bond money will never be paid back.

NISSAN’s parent Renault does Business with IRAN.  Why did the DOE loan 1.4 Billion using the Treasury Bank to a company that has an “alliance” with a country that wants to kill American?


More on NISSAN & IDB bond debt:!/2012/01/according-to-dnj-rutherford-idb-has.html

Japan/USA:Nissan to restructure IDB abatement in wake of electric cars loan

Nissan will restructure a land-lease and tax-abatement agreement with the Rutherford County Industrial Board to account for its expansion to build electric cars and batteries at the Smyrna factory, company representatives told the IDB Wednesday morning.

The auto manufacturer’s tax abatement agreement for 884 acres runs through 2022. A new contract will re-examine the ending date and acknowledge that the lease agreement will serve as collateral for a $1.6 billion loan from the U.S. Department of Energy, Nissan consulting attorney Tom Sherrard said. “We definitely want to talk about it in more detail,” Sherrard said. He appeared before the board with three Nissan representatives who work at the company’s North American headquarters in Franklin.


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